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NYC in the Mid-20th Century
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Photographs by Walter Chandoha

The photographs shown here are a representative sampling of the more than 200,000 color and black and white images in the Chandoha Photography stock picture collection. About evenly divided between his co-specialties - gardens and animals (with special emphasis on dogs and cats) most of the images are on film and are in the process of being digitized. Prior to specializing, Walter Chandoha made photographs of a wide variety of subjects. Some of these are also being digitized and are now available for publication.

There is a hard-to-find collection of retro black and whites of baby boomers photographed when they were babies and growing children. Made in the 50's and 60's these baby boomer kid pictures are spontaneous, mostly happy - sometimes sad - doing what kids did in "the good old days."

Also made in the mid-20th century are even harder to find black and white photographs of New York City - the waterfront, old now demolished Pennsylvania Station, Greenwich Village, Times Square, Coney Island , Queens and even New Jersey. These black and whites are available as ink jet digital prints. Additionally, for fine art collectors they are also available as chromogenic prints on 100 year archival Kodak Endura paper. A limited number of vintage silver prints are also available of some of these New York scenes.

And finally, there is still another hard-to-find collection in Walter Chandoha's archives - matched sets of the four seasons. Zeroing in on a given scene, Chandoha photographs it in the four seasons of the year from precisely the same vantage point. Some of these matched sets are close ups, some are solitary trees, others are woodland vistas and still others are small town "main streets."

As new images are added to Walter Chandoha's stock photography collection they are now mostly digital, but sometimes, film is still the preferred medium. Film or digital we can't even begin to show the whole file on this web site. Even Getty and Corbis can't show everything in their collections. But what you see here will give you a pretty good idea of the high quality of Chandoha Photography. As appealing and as attractive as they are, it's unlikely the exact picture you need will be found among these sample stock photographs. So if you need a specific image in any of the listed categories, please feel free to send us your layout, rough sketch or verbal description and we'll try to match it with the appropriate picture. If we can't match it, maybe we can direct you to one of our friends who might be able to help you.

All of our images are available digitally or on a disc but for those who prefer transparencies, many of the images (especially those in the garden categories) are available in either 35mm or 2-1/4". You can have the animal and baby boomer kids black and whites on a digital disc or in either 8" x 10" silver prints (many of them are vintage) or as 8-1/2x11 digital prints.

All of the images in the Chandoha Photography stock picture collection were personally made by Walter Chandoha.