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Photography Slide/Lecture Programs

Secrets of Garden Photography

Garden Photography with Single-use Cameras

Photography of Gardens, People and Places

Photography Basics with Digital or Film (new)

All of these shows are geared to the novice, the average point-and-shoot camera owner with limited photo knowledge. Yet, experienced photographers come away from the programs with hints and tips they can use to make good pictures even better. The lectures are especially useful to owners of digital cameras who early in their ownership learned that going digital is not a substitute for classic photo techniques.

Gardening Slide/Lecture Programs

The Fall Garden - a Second Chance
The Fall Garden
shows how it is possible to grow and harvest vegetables all fall and into early winter. Making wide raised rows, what to plant and when, what's hardy and what's not, picking early for best flavor, how to protect the still growing crops from frost and cold to extend the harvests for fresh-from-the-garden winter meals.

Garden Tips and Timesavers/The Recycled Garden
not only helps the environment but also is a time and money saver. Use plastic bleach bottles to make plant labels, scoops, funnels. A two wheeled pull golf club cart converts to a portable garden tool carrier. Painting garden tool handles yellow makes them highly visible. Use styrofoam "peanuts" to lighten big flower pots. Doing or postponing a given chore can save or waste time. Tips and Timesavers is packed with enough hints to save the gardener lots of time - enought time to smell the flowers.

Garden Color Without Flowers (new)
The foliage of some plants is as colorful as flowers - and the leaves never need deadheading. There are numerous annuals, perennials, grasses and shrubs that can provide Garden Color Without Flowers - the yellows of hosta, creeping jenny, canna and hakone grass - the reds, maroons and purples of cordyline, perilla, iresine and setcreasea plus numerous silver and variegated plants and a rainbow of colors in coleus and caladium leaves. Container plantings with foliage plants stay colorful all season long. Mixed with flowers, colorful foliage plants make gardens and containers even more colorful.

Both the photography and the gardening slide programs are illustrated with Chandoha pictures and are about an hour long - they can be shortened or stretched to conform to any allocated time slot. Attendees appreciate a question-and-answer session after the slide program - 20 to 30 minutes is usually adequate, but it can go on as long as there are questions.

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